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September 01 2017

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Don’t you think I’ve done enough? History’s back in place and everyone dies.

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so much work put into these shots when you’re really only supposed to be looking at the sign


i can’t believe friday, september 1, 2017, is nineteen years later. the last scene in the harry potter books.

this is it.

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Hi, I’m Miri, I’m disabled, and because of my disabilities, there are few jobs I can handle. Though I’ve been trying to interview for jobs that I might be able to do, I’ve gotten no callbacks. 

Because of this, I’m afraid I again have to ask for help paying my rent. 

My rent is $375.00, and though in a few days I’ll have roughly fifty dollars towards it now, I don’t have any money towards it currently.

Thank you if you donate, and please reblog if you can’t.





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“In Nepal, 150 people have been killed and 90,000 homes have been destroyed in what the UN has called the worst flooding incident in the country in a decade.

According to the Red Cross, at least 7.1 million people have been affected in Bangladesh - more than the population of Scotland - and around 1.4 million people have been affected in Nepal.

International aid agencies said thousands of villages have been cut off by flooding with people being deprived of food and clean water for days.”

donate to: 
islamic relief fund
save the children*
save the children - india**
oxfam - south asia flood*
oxfam - india**

* these go into an emergency fund
** for residents of india. otherwise you have to input passport info

edit: updated links

please add any other ways to help

that article is from 5 hours ago. to date this post, it is 8/30. your support matters /now/

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19-year-old Naomi Osaka of Japan defeats 2016 US Open champion Angelique Kerber of Germany 6-3, 6-1 in the 1st round of the 2017 US Open.
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History teaches us nothing.

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a good feeling is listening to soft music as it rains. i am wrapped up in blankets. my heart is so warm


when you open a text just to get rid of the notification
If you are 35 or younger - and quite often, older - the advice of the old economy does not apply to you. You live in the post-employment economy, where corporations have decided not to pay people. Profits are still high. The money is still there. But not for you. You will work without a raise, benefits, or job security. Survival is now a laudable aspiration.

Quoted from Sarah Kendzior’s “Surviving the Post-Employment Economy“ 

“In the United States, nine percent of computer science majors are unemployed, and 14.7 percent of those who hold degrees in information systems have no job. Graduates with degrees in STEM - science, technology, engineering and medicine - are facing record joblessness, with unemployment at more than twice pre-recession levels. The job market for law degree holders continues to erode, with only 55 percent of 2011 law graduates in full-time jobs. Even in the military, that behemoth of the national budget, positions are being eliminated or becoming contingent due to the sequester.

It is not skills or majors that are being devalued. It is people.”

Her work is frank, speaking of a reality I hope that will never be mine. At the same time, it gives me a strange comfort to know that I am not alone.

(via sextus—empiricus)

I will always reblog this quote.  Hits way too close to home for me.

(via missbananafish)

The most salient part of this, to me, is the underscoring of the fact that there is no “right” college major where you’re guaranteed a job forever. Conservatives love to pretend college graduates working minimum-wage or freelance jobs just didn’t “pick the right major” - those foolish fools studied the arts or literature or something else frivolous, so they deserve crushing debt and no job security! No. There is no magical college major that will let you sidestep the jobless recovery.

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[1/11] - Tiana (The Princess and the Frog)
“Serves me right, wishing on stars. The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work!”

Throwback to the time where I tried to filter “***” to “ass” to annoy a specific member of our forum but since * is a variable operator I just filtered every single word on the forum to “ass” and all posts became immediately unreadable


really glad Rachel still had screencaps of it

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This is Booboos, my chubby angel.

August 31 2017

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Congrats California for looking forward.





Every day I’m still getting notes on an old post where I said that eating healthier costs more money and of course every so often is another health zealot swearing I’m wrong.


one dollar at dollar tree

one dollar at mcdonald’s

A fucking quarter almost everywhere

And what these bozos aren’t factoring in is that these foods, loaded with salts and fats and carbs and sugars, are FILLING for a shitload longer than whatever colon cleansing non-GMO avocado unicorn poop some thinspo blog is bragging about. The box of oatmeal creme cookies even lasts more than a day, just two of those things and I have no appetite again for hours.

Personally we are eating better and making more money currently but when I was a kid it was all the above shit and potatoes. Lots and fucking lots of potatoes.


Another thing they’re forgetting is food waste. Fresh produce only lasts so long. So to regularly eat fresh you have to 1) go grocery shopping more often and 2) have your meals planned out ahead of time to use everything.

When you only have $50 or less for food for the month, it’s devastating to see $10 worth of fresh produce rot. Especially if it’s because you just don’t have time to cook it. (Poor people usually juggle multiple jobs, work overtime, or work jobs with inconsistent schedules like retail or food services.) They don’t have time to run to the grocery store 3+ times a week, especially if they have to hit up multiple stores to get the cheap prices. They don’t have time to spend 1+ hour every week doing a meal plan. And they probably don’t have that much time or energy to cook.

When I was severely poor (like, we determined which bill to pay each month by how close they were to being shut off. “We paid water last month, so they won’t turn it off until next month. It’s been two months of electricity though, so we should probably pay that before we get a cutoff.) we did not buy fresh. All our veggies were canned, because they don’t spoil. We had lots of ramen, just in case we ran out of money and couldn’t buy groceries for a while. We didn’t buy meat unless we knew we would cook it that day because we didn’t want to see it spoil. We ate a lot of boxed meals. And when I was working 60+ hours a week, you can bet your ass I ate a lot of cheap packaged shit like little debbie. Because I didn’t have time to cook before my 12 hour work day, I only got 4 hours of sleep and I wasn’t sacrificing 30 minutes for a hot breakfast, and I couldn’t afford to eat out.

Anyone who says shit like this has never been poor. When you’re poor it’s not just money you’re lacking, but time, and resources, and mother fucking energy. It’s rough. And I wouldn’t be so quick to judge them if I were you, because the poor have been through more than you could ever understand.

remember when i said veganism was clasist & not an option 4 most of society n they were all in my inbox actin like typical vegans…. well there u go

This goes doubly for chronically ill or disabled poor people. There really isn’t time and energy to make each meal especially if you’re working. It’s damn near impossible.

It’s great if eating vegan or all fresh products or what not works for you but keep in mind it won’t work for everyone.

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Capitalism is a good system in which people not breaking products in a short time is a bad thing

If there’s a new iphone don’t fucking get it you know they’re gonna make it break easier lmao

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their favorite pastimes!

my twitter here

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